UTV Spring Cam Adjustment – Whitecourt All Terrain

We have put together a quick video on adjusting side by side rear suspension. Change your spring tension to adjust ride height and suspension preloading.

Optimize your performance!

Many side by side owners overlook the ability to adjust spring cams. This can greatly improve performance. There are 4 settings available.  This allows you to find the best balance of comfort and load performance for your preferred uses.

Adjust Often

Manufacturers include the adjustment tool to encourage frequent spring adjustment. The lowest setting will provide the softest most comfortable suspension ride. Adjusting to the higher settings will improve ground clearance. Best for rutted terrain, or travel through mud. Also, higher settings will stiffen the suspension. This improves performance when carrying heavy loads. This is ideal for owners that use their machine for work, as well as acreage and farm owners.

Our machines are always working. The highest setting is the standard setting on all Whitecourt All Terrain machines. Try different settings under different loads, in addition to different conditions. Find the ideal setting for your needs!

Reference your owners manual for more information. Use caution when adjusting cams on older machines. Forcing seized or corroded parts can result in a trip to your dealer for replacement parts.

Always use caution when working on all terrain vehicles.

Whitecourt UTV Rentals – Spring Cam Adjustment