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ATV Rider Safety Training course

Safety Certified In Edson

Whitecourt All Terrain offers the Alberta and Canada safety council certified ATV rider and UTV driver safety training programs in Edson. Proper training ensures that your team is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to competently handle all terrain equipment. Whitecourt All terrain provides the proficiency levels required for a safe working environment when all-terrain vehicles are on site. Our programs are the industry standard and our certification is nationally recognized.

Services Provided For Edson

Whitecourt All Terrain serves Edson, Drayton Valley, Fox Creek, Swan Hills, and all surrounding areas. Providing top quality, reliable, and safe side by side, Argo, and quad rentals is our commitment to you. We offer the highest level of service and convenience. Others charge an off hour fee, while we are available for early morning to pick up, and evening drops off by appointment at no additional cost. Delivery is available during regular business hours, and onsite training is available in all areas.

Equipment Rentals Available For Edson

We provide industry leading equipment and match it with unequaled maintenance and service. Therefore, we can guarantee that our customers receive the most reliable and up to date equipment available.  Whitecourt All Terrain provides worry-free side by side UTV’s, Argos, ATV’s, trailers, and accessories rentals, together with industry-leading training. We equip employees with the skills and knowledge required to safely and efficiently operate all-terrain equipment. In addition, we offer specialized equipment enabling work to proceed in Alberta’s toughest conditions. Our tracked side by sides and Argos are capable of traversing the roughest terrains. Tracks provide a light footprint and added traction perfect for ground sensitive areas. Equipped with heated cab systems our machines allow for safe, reliable, year-round access to remote locations. Visit our SxS, ATV and Argo rentals page to see our Available Rentals

Please contact us for pricing and Availability.

Safety Courses

Our safety courses are best held at our location. We have an onsite safety training course and diverse trail system that allows us to offer the most comprehensive training available. We travel to Edson to offer convenience in our services, However, we strongly recommended the use of our facilities for the best training experience we can offer.

For more information on our ATV and UTV safety training courses follow This Link to our training page, or Contact Us for more information and course scheduling.