Defender cabbed side by side

Heated Cab and Tracked Unit Rentals

Many employers are pulling away from snowmobile use in the field due to safety concerns. Whitecourt all Terrain has cabbed tracked, and heated side by sides and Argo’s to get you safely on sight in all weather conditions.

The added safety of an enclosed and heated side by side or Argo removes many of the risks of working and traveling to remote locations in Alberta’s harsh winter climate.

Adding tracks to a cabbed side by side allows safe, comfortable travel for employees with the added benefit of the cargo box to carry in tools and supplies. The safety and convenience make a tracked side by side or Argo a far more desirable mode of work travel in the winter months when distances do not require the use of sleds.

Hard cab Argo
Tracked side by side

Tracked Argo With Enclosed Heated Cab

Tracked Argos are an amazing option for accessing all of your remote access sites. Loww ground disturbance is a must have in sensitive areas, but this also allows for travel in the most demanding areas. Muskeg, snow and ice are just a few of the obstacles Argo will allow you to travel over, around, or straight through.

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Tracked And Cabbed Side By Side UTV Rentals

 Adding tracks to our side by sides provides access to site all year round. Tracked side by sides are slower, but are a safer, warm alternative to snowmobiles. Tracks also double as low impact option for access to sensitive and wet areas. Camso All season tracks allow the machine to gain traction in all conditions, year round.

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