Whitecourt Side By Side UTV And Quad Accessory Rentals


Helmets are the first defense to ensure quad and side by side safe riding. We always have extra helmets on hand, and recommend everyone wears one.

Two way radios

We offer handheld radios for both radio controlled road access and communicating with coworkers.

When traveling in groups of multiple UTV’s or quads, these radios are great for communicating over longer distances. They are perfect for staying in contact when not working within eyesight.

Whitecourt All Terrain recommends every group use radios and will supply them upon request.

Honda 3000 Inverter Generator

The Honda 3000 Inverter is the perfect mobile generator for small loads. Up to 25 amps @ 120V, this unit will handle loads up to 3000 watts. The electric start makes starting in all weather conditions easy and convenient with back up pull start. This generator has great fuel economy, up to 20 hours run time on 3 gallons of fuel, and it is so quiet you can stand next to it and have a conversation while it is in operation. Honda generators are great for powering any equipment in the field, Honda’s advanced inverter technology provides reliable power to computers and other sensitive equipment without putting the equipment at risk.

Honda Generator Product Features

EngineHonda 196cc Single Cylinder
Power Rating3000 Watts Peak Power
Current TypeAC 120V DC 12 V
FuelGasoline 13 Litre Capacity
Run TimeFull Load 7.2 hours – Low Load 20 Hours
Noise Level58 Db Rated – 48 Db Load Load Operation
Cold Climate Start and Eco Throttle Equipped

Honda 5000 Inverter Generator

The Honda 5000 inverter generator is perfect when you need to supply power to larger or 220V equipment. With all the same features as the 3000 the added wattage and dual voltage makes this a great option for back country power.


Honda Generator Product Features

EngineHonda 337cc Single Cylinder
Power Rating5000 Watts Peak Power
Current TypeAC 125/250V
FuelGasoline 17 Liter Capacity
Run TimeFull Load 6 hours – Low Load 16 Hours
Noise Level68 Db Rated – 62 Db Load Load Operation
Outlets20A 125V Duplex, 30 Amp 125V Locking plug,30A 125/250 locking plug
Cold Climate Start and Eco Throttle Equipped

UTV/ATV Dump Trailers

These lightweight trailers are great for hauling extra supplies into the field. They are also great utility trailers, the dump feature allows for quick unloading.